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Elite Physiotherapy & Health Centre carries braces that are off-the-shelf or custom-made. Elite Physiotherapy & Health Centre’s physiotherapists can provide consultations to help you choose the right product for you.

Braces can be a good complement to physiotherapy rehabilitation, because it helps to restrict movements that can make your injury worse.  They are most common for treating injuries such as:

  • Tennis and golfers’ elbow

  • Wrist sprains / ligament tear

  • Ankle sprains / ligament tear

  • Knee sprain  / ligament tear – ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL

  • Low Back pain

  • Various thumb/finger injuries – skier’s thumb

  • Various knee injuries – patellofemoral pain syndrome, jumper’s knee, meniscus tear

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Custom-made braces are fabricated based on precise measurements taken.  They are made to address specific dysfunctions, such as kneecap mal-tracking, post-operation, chronic sprains etc.  Because they are custom-made, the brace provides advanced support for joint instabilities, and often preferable for return-to-sports.  It is also superior for people who experience knee pain from osteoarthritis.

Custom-made braces are fully covered by most extended health insurance plans.

Visit us or call us today to ask how Elite Physiotherapy & Health Centre’s custom bracing can help you achieve your personal best!

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