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Rehabilitation products

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Elite Physiotherapy & Health Centre carries a wide variety of rehabilitation and home healthcare products to enhance our clients’ mobility, simplify their lives and improve their quality of life.  Visit us for a free consultation on which products are suitable for your healthcare needs!

We also offer custom-bracing and off-the-shelves braces.  Learn more about our braces!

We also offer compression stockings.  Learn more about our compression stockings!

Orthopaedic footwear

Footwear can play a major role in a patient’s comfort, and modifying them so that they perfectly fit the individual’s foot is an important part of our services. There are now many stylish options available for patients. Our line of orthopaedic footwear for women and men includes a range of business casual, dress shoes, walking shoes, sports and safety shoes. We can fit you with suitable shoes and carry many brands for you to choose from.  We carry various styles from many shoe companies, including and not limited to the following:

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